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For the finest in oboe reeds, look no further! James also teaches reed making, knife sharpening for reed makers, and playing techniques. He is available in person in the Miami Beach area and online using Skype.
Photo by Harrison Linsey 2012
Great music requires highly skilled and dedicated musicians, using the finest supplies and resources. For an oboist, reeds are a critical element of sound and musical achievement. Riggs Oboe Reeds is committed to supplying oboists with hand made reeds crafted to the finest standards of performance at all levels.
James Riggs

Oboe Reeds

Oboe Reeds

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Perfect for beginning oboists, this oboe reed is light, vibrant, and easy to play. *


Professional players require active, vibrant, full bodied, even tone. The professional oboe reed delivers a balance of stability and flexibility, with an ample dynamic range and rich complex tone. *


    Please note:
    *Oboe reeds are hand made to order. For emergency orders, please send an email to or